Human Genetics for Nurses, 1/Ed.

Human Genetics for Nurses, 1/Ed.
ISBN: 9789374735855
Edition: First Edition
Year: 2016
Publisher :
र 175.00


This book is written based on the Indian nursing council curriculum of under graduate and post Graduate nursing students. Genetics is for nursing students is a critical part of their curriculum, as because they find it difficult to understand its full text within limited time period. Mostly genetic books are written by non-nursing teachers, where nursing applications are not included and also written with high configuration of concept which makes students difficult to digest in their level of curriculum with less hours, but this book are a simplified one and based on their syllabus, which will help them to analyze the basic and real concept of human genetics in their nursing practice. This edition of book comprises the basic concept of human genetics, its branches, chromosome, genes, genetic and chromosomal disorders, key role of nurses in genetics area and various services to genetics and genetic counseling and role of nurse in genetic counseling. I hope therefore that this text would remain of value to all those involved in medical genetics.

The Salient features of the book is:

•   Simplifies form of content and terms are used in the book to help students to understand and remember genetics easily.

•   Clear and brief description of content with proper figures and diagramed for easy understanding of students.

•   The illustrations, graphs, tables in this book are self-explanatory and will facilitate students to understand quickly.

The book highlights about:

•   Concept of human genetics and its application in nursing.

•   Importance of genetics in nursing

•   Concept of gene, chromosome & its abnormal conditions and its management.

•   Pattern of inheritance and its applications.

•   Genetic testing and screening of genetic conditions in children and adults.

•   Small version of Genetics service in human population and society such as genetic testing, gene therapy, Human genome project and the eugenic movement.

•   Genetic counseling and role of nurse in conduction counseling in all setting of clinical practice.

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