Sociology for Nurses, 1/Ed.

Sociology for Nurses, 1/Ed.
ISBN: 9789374736043
Year: 2016
Publisher :
र 345.00


This book has been written specifically for the nursing students of B.Sc. and GNM courses as per the syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council. Being healthy is not simply ‘absence of disease’ – it is also important to be mentally healthy, have positive relationships and fulfill the social roles and functions in society. This book discusses the social and cultural factors which impact health, the importance of healthy socialization and the role of family and other agencies in health of an individual. The book further throws light on the various social problems plaguing our society and their impact on health of individual and society. Problems of the vulnerable groups and the Welfare Programs of the Government for them have been elaborated upon. The latest data on the magnitude of social problems and the disease burden has been presented in the book.

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