Structural Analysis-1

Structural Analysis-1
ISBN: 9789374736210
Edition: 1st Edition
Year: 2018
Pages: 384 Pages
Publisher :
र 395.00


The book “Structural Analysis-I” is a very important subject for the Civil Engineering students of many Technical Boards and Universities. This book is very helpful for the engineers working in structural engineering projects.

This book is helpful to prepare for the academic examination as well as preparation for the interviews. The book has been written in simple language to understand the concept easily. The author has tried its maximum effort to include the latest and relevant information in each chapter of the book to make it more interesting and pleasing to the students and faculties of the institutions.


Salient Features:

•   Number of numerical problems from different B.E. degree examinations.

•   Practical based

•   Numerical problems with answers

•   Lucid and simple style

•   Interview based for Delhi Jal Board, PHED and other examinations.

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