Healthcare Simulation, 1/Ed.

Healthcare Simulation, 1/Ed.
ISBN: 9789374735879
Edition: First Edition
Year: 2016
Pages: 208
Size: 5.5 × 8.5 (Inch)
Publisher :
र 250.00
र 250.00


Healthcare Simulation—A Contemporary Guide for Asian Healthcare Educators is a ‘one stop resource guide’ for novice to expert healthcare educators. This book covers all fundamental aspects of simulation, simulation design, scenario designing, debriefing, moulage, and evaluation strategies. This book offers mastery of simulation pedagogy and its integration into teaching, facilitating, and research. The goal of this book is to support Asian healthcare faculty to be proficient in integrating healthcare simulations as a teaching strategy in a low resource setting.

Salient Features of the book are:

•  First book written on simulation in India.

•  Addresses the needs of simulation educators in healthcare.

•  Also covers simulation strategies, management, budget, and administrative principles.

•  Free scenario examples.

•  Free moulage guides.

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