Methods in Biostatistics, 3/Ed.

Methods in Biostatistics, 3/Ed.
Author : NEGI
ISBN: 9789374735053
Year: 2017
Publisher :
र 295.00


The 3rd Edition of Methods in Biostatistics has been introduced with some inclusions of important parts of the subject concerned. The latest text which is in your hands is valuable to undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is also useful to para medical students, nursing students and other health professionals. There are several features that distinguish this book from other textbooks in the field of Biostatistics. The present edition is written lucidly on the unknown to known format with more emphasis given on the logical presentation of the subject-matter by illustrating many more examples and exercises, i.e. problem-based learning methodology. For quick summarization of important and conceptualized words, glossary and list of essential formulae are included. Thus, glossary is an extension and additive support to the learning material (book).

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