Practical ENT

Practical ENT
Author : Prof. (Dr.) SANTOSH KUMAR SWAIN
ISBN: 9789374736180
Edition: 1st Edition
Year: 2017
Pages: 248
Publisher :
र 245.00

Salient Features of the Book:
•    PRACTICAL E.N.T. is an indispensable manual for undergraduates (MBBS) and postgraduates (E.N.T.).
•    This book is extremely useful in early training in E.N.T. and Head & Neck surgery.
•    Clinical cases are covered in a systematic manner including history taking, examination and investigations.
•    Over 70 E.N.T. instruments are covered with their photographs and brief descriptions.
•    All important E.N.T. surgeries are discussed in stepwise manner.
•    Grand viva which is an important part in practical examination in E.N.T. is provided in concise manner.
•    This is an ideal book for every MBBS student and MS/DNB trainee in E.N.T.

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