First Aid and Emergency Care

First Aid and Emergency Care
Author : N. HARRIS
ISBN: 9789374736333
Edition: 2nd Edition
Year: 2018
र 225.00
र 225.00


This book aims to present a concise survey of the concepts and principles which is essential to the first nursing course in first aid. First aid is, like medicine, an art and science.

It is prepared in a lucid manner, so that even a common man, who is not highly educated, could easily understand the concept of First Aid, for that a lot of effort has been put in. Now a days, everybody should have a basic knowledge of first aid not only for nurses, health workers, Policemen, Ambulance crew, Fire and safety officers, but for common men also. Learning of this book will be of great help for them.

This book covers:

•             Anatomy and Physiology of the human body to understand the care of victim

•             Applications of wound dressings and bandaging

•             Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

•             Medical emergencies including signs & symptoms and First Aid Treatment

•             Disaster preparedness and its management are also included.

•             More than 100 illustrations and tables, which will help anybody to learn First Aid in a practical way.


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