Biophysics for Nurses

Biophysics for Nurses
ISBN: 9789374736364
Edition: 1st Edition
Year: 2018
Pages: 232
र 195.00
र 195.00


This book is designed to provide a concise summary of biophysics, which nursing students and other health professional students can use as a text by itself. The book has been written in accordance with the latest syllabus of biophysics recommended by Indian Nursing Council for Post basic B.Sc nursing course. Each chapter in the book is self-contained and serves as dual teaching function to highlight the basic concepts and to relate them to nursing profession.

Salient Features of the Book:

  • Application of biophysical principle like gravity, motion, pressure, in anesthesia and O.T. have been highlighted in detail in appropriate units.
  • Chapter 6 of the book is written in detail as well as in well organized manner. More emphasis has been given on Biopotential and their applications as well as in explaining the biophysical aspects of MRI, its instrument components, application and precautions.
  • Chapter 10 is written as per their requirement with more stress on CT, gamma camera and PET which are being used in major diagnostic labs of the hospitals as well as on radiation protection standards in occupationally occupied male, female and for general public.
  • Biophysical principle of most of medical instruments used in hospital labs, ICU and OPD are explained in simple language with new addition of Finger pulse oximetry and GSR cum polygraph.


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