MIST All in one for FMGE

MIST All in one for FMGE
Author : TEAM MIST
ISBN: 9789374736418
Edition: 5th Edition
Year: 2018
र 595.00
र 595.00


We at MIST are delighted to present the Fifth edition of MIST All in One for FMGE. Keeping in view of continuous suggestions and input provided by our FMGE students regarding the book, we are presenting this fifth edition, according to the current examination pattern.

In this fifth edition, Lot of Miscellaneous Points and images have been added which are a must for FMG (Foreign Medical Graduate) before the exam.

Every effort has been made to incorporate the most important and relevant points which are must to remember before the final frontier, still keeping it as short as possible.

Students are advised to go through each and every chapter, recollect the concepts and remember each and every point. It has been proven that majority of Post Graduate Entrance Exams and especially the Foreign Medical Graduate Entrance Exam usually comprises of approximately half of the questions from the frequently asked topics which have been summarized here.


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