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New & Reputed Authors of all types of Books are invited for publishing of text & reference books in Medical, Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, Management & Marketing and General & Literature etc. We offer very laudable excellent terms to reputed authors.

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Are you aware of the rivalry titles in the market? If yes, please furnish the full information, e.g. author's/editor's names, publisher, price etc.
What do you think, what are the positive features of your book which will give it a definite edge over the other rivalry titles
When do you think the proposed title would need revision for subsequent editions?
How you can help us in sales promotion of the title (for example, please provide nos of names and addresses of professors, organisations, associations & societies who are likely to recommend this book to their students/employees or recommend this title to their libraries of their colleges/institutes)?
What do you think about the publicity of this title, which can help in the sales promotion? In case of advertisements in Journals please give their name and addresses.
Has the book been checked that it is in no way an infringement of copyright, is free from plagiarism and
does not contain any matter of libelous nature

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