Research Methodology, 3/Ed.

Research Methodology, 3/Ed.
Author : MUSTAFA
ISBN: 9788174734495
Year: 2016
Publisher :
र 265.00


This book “Research Methodology”, a user-friendly text, will help the readers to master every step in research. It is an attempt to deal with all the steps that are necessary from the start to the finish. All the chapters have been well-planned and arranged sequentially with this in mind. The students and research scholars of management, economics, commerce and other social sciences will immensely be benefited by this book. It is written to enable the researchers in developing the most appropriate methodology for their research studies. Hypothesis, Chi-square test, “t” test, ANOVA, “F” test, and all their statistical techniques are explained and illustrated vividly and realistically. Research design, selection of sample size, probability and non-probability sampling types, report writing, content analysis, data collection, analysis and interpretation, questionnaire, schedule, interview, problem identification, problem solving process, experimental and non-experimental designs, errors, and scaling techniques, etc., are elaborately enumerated and explained with simple language by the author. Quotations of Dr. Paul Young, W.J. Goode, Cox and Cowdon and others are used to provide an integrated synthesis of research methods in studying research phenomena from a multiplicity view point. Conceptual and technical issues are discussed carefully while dealing with systematic enquiry so that the readers can enrich their theoretical and practical knowledge.

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