Textbook of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

Textbook of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
ISBN: 9789374736272
Edition: 2nd Edition
Year: 2018
Pages: 520
Publisher :
र 495.00
र 495.00


This textbook has been written to keep in mind the needs of Nursing Students. The book provides the relevant illustrations, tables and flow charts so that the reader can easily grasp and understand the subject. This book will help the medics and paramedics to improve their knowledge regarding psychiatric nursing. This book will be very useful to understand the normal and abnormal psychiatry. It covers all major areas of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing while being focused towards examinations and satisfy the nursing student’s curriculum expectation needs.


  • Fully covers the syllabus prescribed by the INC
  • It covers all the essential concepts of mental health and psychiatric such as identified the mentally abnormal problem like as impairment of attention, concentration, thinking, emotional problem, personality problem, etc.
  • The presentation of the nursing alerts is unique in this book. The contents are aligned system wise in a simple, easy to understand language.
  • On completing the study of this book, the student would have acquired confidence and deeper understanding of the essential in nursing care given.

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