Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing
Author : Brajendra Kr. Gupta and Robert H. Utarid
ISBN: 9789374736289
Edition: First Edition
Year: 2018
Pages: 192
र 195.00
र 195.00


Innovation in marketing is common, but innovation in a book on marketing is not very common. This book, ‘Principles of Marketing’ is an innovation in the way we approach to make our students understand the subject. Great Organizations are built on strong pillars and one of those pillar is ‘Marketing’. Without a good understanding in the concepts of marketing no Organization can survive in a competitive environment. Students who will be venturing into new jobs after graduation need to have a firm foundation in the concepts of marketing. This book provides a fresh and interesting way of understanding marketing, it is simple to read and easy to understand and best suited for the student community.

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